The top 10 travel destinations you should know about

Wondering where to go this winter? Perhaps you’re planning your planning a spring or summer get-away. Maybe this will help: just announced the top ten destinations where Canadians are vacationing this holiday season. Big cities, both domestic and international, are on the list for winter fun. If warm weather is what you’re looking for, there are some destinations on the list that can fulfil that desire, too.

The temperature is dropping and so are the prices. The cities listed below are offering great deals for travellers.

Rank     City                           Average Nightly Rate
1.          Montreal                     $88
2.          New York City             $197
3.          Toronto                       $79
4.          Orlando                      $74
5.          Fort Lauderdale         $82
6.          Las Vegas                  $100
7.          Vancouver                  $78
8.          Honolulu, Oahu          $113
9.          Seattle                        $87
10.        San Francisco           $126

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