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New York City Scape

Did you know that New Yorkers bite more people than sharks do (worldwide) in one year? Brought to you by WH Henry Travel

Paris City Scape

Escape with us to the city of lights. Bustling Paris like your’ve never seen it before. Brought to you by WH Henry Travel

5 Canadian chocolatiers making bitter & sweet magic

Everything is better with chocolate. Everything is even better when the chocolate is made fresh here in Canada. There are chocolatiers across the country working their magic to transform the cacao bean into chocolaty goodness – some are even winning awards for their skills. Here are a few worth checking out when you need to get your chocolate fix. Photo…

Tips for the cross border traveller

It’s the summer holiday season again, folks. Are you taking a vacation or a staycation this year? It’s going to be a staycation for me. But, that’s just as interesting and exciting as jetting off to points unknown. It’s fun to play tourist within the boundaries of your own hometown or province. I did a lot of daytripping and weekend-tripping…

Getting ready for the trip of a lifetime

This year, I’m having family come to me. Traveling’s great; but, sometimes I just want to hunker down and invite people over. I don’t mind all the cooking and cleaning beforehand. And afterward? Who cares how long it takes to clean up the mess and eat through the leftovers? The time and stress of traveling at this time of year…